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Caroline Zalog – Social Media Powerhouse With a Brain

Caroline Zalog is a fitness model on Instagram who hails from Poland. And thanks to her wit, resilience and hard work, she’s begun to make a major impact and solidify her mark wherever she goes. Within a year(2020), Caroline Zalog gained over 600k followers on Instagram, making it to a million, and at the same time earned her degree in business. Impressive right ? Well here’s how.

Caroline never really had a stable childhood, due to the fact that her and her mother moved around a lot. Leaving Poland when Caroline was just 7, they moved to the Bay Area, and right from a very young age, Caroline’s mindset had already been goal driven. Owing it to how hard-working both her parents were, she also began working at a very young age. Caroline started working at the age of 16 and has never stopped ever since. She ventured into social media without a single clue of what she was getting into, or how it was about to change her life drastically. At first it wasn’t easy, but thanks to consistency and hard work, her content improved over time. 2020 was when there was a massive growth in Caroline’s social media. This was when she began working consistently with Chris Theodoropoulos (@blotch), and together they improved the outlook of her page and scaled her Instagram greatly. And while she was busy building her Instagram page (@carolinezalog), Caroline was also working hard to bag her business degree, which she did in the same year (2020)

Caroline Zalog draws strength and courage from her lovely mother, who also happens that be her role model. Caroline’s mother had her while she was still young and schooling. And seeing how her mother overcame every obstacle that came her way made Caroline look up to her even more. Caroline is extremely close to her mother and always tends to ask her for advice in challenging situations. What separates Caroline Zalog from her competition is her passion for what she does. In her own words, she said “I really try to avoid cash grabs, so nothing I do is purely just for money, my head is fully into whatever I’m doing and I’m genuinely passionate about it” Caroline Zalog always puts her all into whatever she does, and the outcome is always incredible.

Caroline has also embarked on a few brilliant projects, one of which is her personal clothing brand Girl Next Door. With the help of Chris Theodoropoulos, their intention is to create quality garments for both men and women. Although Girl Next Door is still in it’s early stage, Caroline hopes to drop the first line before the end of 2020, with plans for the second line already underway. Not only that, Caroline knows the importance of achieving desired body goals through fitness, which is why she’s starting her own fitness brand FITTY by Caroline (@fittybycaroline). She hopes to help other people on their journey to achieving their dream body, as she’s eventually looking to turn Fitty into a standalone brand. Caroline now lives in LA, and she’s currently focusing solely on social media, Girl Next Door and other things she wants to focus on. She feels this will be a huge turning point in her life and she can’t wait to see where it takes her. Well, we also can’t wait to see the great things Caroline Zalog has to offer. Go girl!

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