Kenneth Ong

Cancelling The Retail Apocalypse By Selling Memorable Experiences

Many traditional brick-and-mortar rushes cater to online shoppers and on-demand delivery. While marketing companies always profit from pushing e-commerce packages, most small businesses do not always benefit from their digital stores. Here is how one retailer is bucking the trend by staying away from e-commerce.

With headline after headline declaring the “retail apocalypse,” it would seem as if many local vendors have stopped growing as customers, especially millennials, make their purchases online.

“Online shopping is cold and impersonal. It is just not for us. We limit our online presence to search engines and reputation management.”

Meet the co-founder of Damage Factory, Kenneth Ong. In 2014, following the sale of his successful real estate investment venture, he applied his unique business approach to Damage Factory. Kenneth and partners launched this consulting agency disguising itself as a retailer. Damage Factory delivers memorable firearm experiences to the public, VIPs, and celebrities. 


“Customer experience is always above product and price as the key brand differentiator. We observe others’ great ideas that fail and remold them into something that works. In this case, we simplify and individualize it.” Damage Factory is renowned for dishing out the personal touch in spades. “No boring corporate marketing. We strive to deliver custom encounters and personalized coaching. Many small companies act like large corporations because they think that appearing bigger than they are will get them ahead of the game. We are the complete opposite. Customers see our true personalities.” The result? Damage Factory is now the top firearm facility destination with the most loyal followers in the Denver Metro area.


“We believe the best employees are future employers. We only hire prospective business owners, and we are merely a stepping stone in their venture. It is not uncommon for a team member to run their own business while working for us.”

Kenneth is known as a jokester with a ‘Get It Done’ nature. He relies on his team’s insights and customer interactions. Team members are encouraged to go above and beyond their comfort zone. The longest tenure of Damage Factory employees is just a little over two years. “We are doing fine with the high turnaround. These folks give it all while they are here. It works as intended. Our customers cherish our team members and have great memories.” 


“Many small businesses spend a large marketing budget and effort getting customers into the front door. They have professional salesmen to close the initial deal. Sadly, the level of service drops off considerably afterward.” Retail customer retention is averaging 50%-60%.

Damage Factory hammers its team members that the actual sale does not begin until the first closed transaction. It boasts of having 85% client retention. “Our customers humble us. They are family.”

When asked how he would describe Damage Factory in one word: Kenneth replied, “covfefe.” Take it as you wish. The bottom line is there is no secret, focus on your people and create memorable experiences. It works.

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