Set for a life of success - Drayson Little made sure to build a foundation early.

Business Driven Minds Are Bound To Succeed – Drayson Little Is Undeniable Proof


Drayson Little had his vision set on where he sees himself in life at a very young age. He also turned that vision reality at a pretty young age.

There’s a few ways to approach sales. Sales either happens when you have ability to make someone believe they need something that they actually don’t. Or, you are the one that has what they want. Drayson Little made sure that he is that one.

His sales originate from the multiple e-commerce sites he runs – sites where some impressive numbers are achieved on a daily. Find out more about a driven entrepreneur who stuck to his guns and reaped the positive results.

Rewind back to Drayson’s childhood, where he grew up in a household that didn’t encourage a job role other than a lawyer or a doctor. However, this didn’t persuade Little to leave his business aspirations alone, and he has since proven himself in the e-commerce industry, where the numbers speak for themselves.

Drayson has been Shopify dropshipping for around two years now. He has earned more than $2 million in revenue. Working with two of his business partners, he generated $1.75 million in sales from October to December 2019 alone. Of course, these kinds of numbers are likely going to need some backup, and Little uses ten virtual assistants who help manage customer support, order fulfillment and returns. This gives him more time to concentrate on his main area of focus – running creative ads for the business. 

His business setup and strategic moves are, of course, a big part of his immense success, but it seems another driving factor is his determination. Drayson comments “Being successful in ANY category takes hard work and dedication. The minute you give up and throw in the towel is the moment where you have failed. Your journey to success is like a roller coaster. There will be ups and downs, but you just have to make sure you keep moving forward.”

Speaking of moving forward, once it is again possible, in light of the pandemic, Drayson would like to speak on stage and share his story about his experiences. In the coming years, he also aims to help other thriving entrepreneurs generate extra income through Shopify dropshipping. That’s not all, as he also holds the ambitious plan to scale his marketing agency to six-figure sums of profit on a yearly basis.

Well, considering his promotional strategy seems to be a strong factor in the scale of his businesses, it is definitely a sensible target and achievable goal. His first business was opened with the sale of an iPhone case and now it sells a wide range of products, proving how profitable dropshipping can be in the competitive e-commerce industry if it’s done right.