bav majithia

Bav Majithia’s Journey from Telecom Expert to Serial Entrepreneur

The path to success was not always clear for Bav Majithia. The renowned entrepreneur’s greatest lesson in life consists of avoiding toxic environments, and with a smile, face positive changes with like-minded people.

Bav Majithia is currently the founder and owner of multiple companies and investor in properties. As a successful entrepreneur, Bav ensures to carefully select who he works with to ensure he is surrounding himself with like-minded individuals in various sectors. Bav Majithia humbly shares his knowledge and skills to build teams, brands, processes, and strategies. He also mentors and coach others looking to build their own businesses.

Bav Majithia’s Core Values

Bav Majithia was exposed to entrepreneurship and hard work from an early age. The UK-based entrepreneur’s parents owned a traditional convenience store in Wigston – a small town just south of Leicester. From a young age, Bav always had positive intentions towards work ethics. Since his parents prioritized running the convenient store over holidays abroad, Bav consistently assisted his parents in running the shop in any way that he could.

When Bav Majithia was only 21 years old, he took the leap of faith and headed to London to kick-start his career. Without a firm security blanket, Bav moved into a flat and slept on the floor for a job that was a promise, not a certainty. However, his bravery quickly paid off as Bav became the rising star of several telecom industries he worked for.

After several noteworthy achievements, such as boosting a company’s annual revenue from £2 million to £18 million, Bav Majithia has certainly gained rich knowledge and experiences from his time spent in the telecom industry.

Bav created concrete core values for any project he pursues, these include to never engage in any aspect of dishonesty or theft with him, and to always remain respectful in any arrangement.

Bav Majithia’s Success in the World of Business

Bav Majithia’s first entrepreneurship role began in 2005 when he founded Genuine Solutions Group. With Bav’s determination and strategic business decisions, the company had astoundingly received a wide range of recognition and awards for the high-quality product and service they provided.

Bav Majithia consistently utilizes a methodical, logical, and process-driven approach, which he applies to all aspects of business. Throughout his career, he had gained a wide network and became well-connected with a myriad of influential business professionals and entrepreneurs, who he can rely on when in need of expertise.

From 2005 to 2019, Bav’s entrepreneurial spirit had him working for the company for at least 12 to 14 hours a day. According to Bav, he often does not associate work-related tasks as a job when he is enjoying every moment of it. Consequently, now that Bav Majithia is a proud husband of his wife, Louise, and a father of two sons, he has made the decision to explore new opportunities.

Bav’s Next Steps

Currently, Bav Majithia is a serial investor towards numerous varying businesses. He aims to give back and provide opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. Overall, Bav Majithia will certainly be involved in even more ventures in more different sectors. With a thorough passion for learning and challenges, Bav will always continue to aim higher.

Whenever Bav catches himself with some free time, he ensures to not only spend quality time with his family, but also pursue his love for cars.

To explore some of Bav Majithia’s exciting new projects, head over to his Instagram @bhp/@biz, Facebook, Youtube, or even LinkedIn to get connected!