Meet Northwest artist Papirus

Once again, the well established Northwest artist Papirus, is realising new music. With a string of records already released this year from the bass single ‘Bassline Anthem’ with Darmzy and his house single ‘Make Up’

Jake shaw & Yourownmusic Talk about Life

The world continues to reel from the impact of a once-in-a-generation pandemic. Few industries have had it as rough as the music industry, as the implications of COVID-19 become increasingly stark, and

Young Rob and NitroGetLive heat up the summer

Young Rob and NitroGetLive collaborate for wild new single and video ‘Freakiana’Young Rob shares video for steamy new single ‘Freakiana’ featuring NitroGetLiveYoung Rob kickstarts the month with new music featuring Florida-based rapper,NitroGetLive